Milka Chocolate Bars 87 grams

Milka Sandwitch LU 87g
Milka Sandwitch TUC 87g

Milka Chocolate Bars 90 and 93 grams

Milka Bubbly Milk 90g
Milka Bubbly White 93g
Milka Collage Caramel 93g
Milka Collage Raspberry 93g
Milka Splash Hazelnuts 90g
Milka Splash Mint 90g

Milka Chocolate Bars 100g

Milka White 100g
Milka Noisette 100g
Milka Wholehazelnuts 100g
Milka Extra Cocoa 100g
Milka Oreo 100g
Milka Raspberry Cream 100g
Milka Alpin Milk 100g
Milka caramel New 100g
Milka Milkinis 100g
Milka Raisin & Nuts 100g
Milka Chips Ahoy 100g
Milka Strawberry Yougurt 100g
Milka Broken Hazelnuts 100g
Milka Caramel Cream 100g
Milka Happy Cow 100g
Milka Daim 100g
Milka Dessert AU Chocolat 100g

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